Person-centred counselling respects every individual as unique and of equal value and is based on the theory and philosophy of Carl Rogers, believing in the other's potential and ability to make the right choices for themselves and that every person has the ability to move forward and make changes in their lives in a positive way.  My aim is to enable the right conditions for this to take place by offering a safe, confidential space to talk through issues and problems.

In our lives at different times situations can arise which can lead to confusion, hopelessness, depression and anxiety.  As a person-centred counsellor I offer empathy, putting myself in your shoes enabling me to understand your world from your point of view, seeing you and accepting you as you are with no judgements or assumptions, being open and honest with you in the moment and sharing with you what I hear, see and feel.

I work with a wide-range of issues such as depression, anxiety, bullying, child-related issues, divorce-separation, identity issues, lack of direction/purpose, relationship issues, self-harm, stress, suicidal thoughts, trauma.  As with all counselling approaches, person-centred counselling may not be suitable for everyone and in that instance I would endeavour to refer you to another service.